Logo design | A place to be me – A social enterprise initiative

This design job was one that we all hope we can engage with, and help those in more need than ourselves. It was to create a logo and identity that would resonate with 11 to 16 year olds who may suffer anxiety or stress from being different to the mainstream – This initiative was to give them a place to communicate and feel as if they belonged – a place to be me.

The colours and fonts used were specifically calming and informal to suit the desired audience.

The ‘A’ ident of the triangle was to represent a safe place. And with the addition of the hand written smiley face, this represented a friendly sign-off as you may do at the end of a message.

Final logo and ident

The full range of logo concepts as white on black

Sub-brand variation of the main logo for a slightly older 16 to 18 year peer group