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Branding & Advertising | Buffalo Energy Drinks

As well as refreshing the Buffalo logo I created artwork for branding the Energy Drink across the new regions – UAE, Middle east and Africa.

The campaign was aimed at 20 to 40 year olds that aspired to fitness and health searching for that energy boost. I came up with the strapline to match the ethos – Energise your life. This included an icon of a lightning bolt to represent the ‘I’ in the title – also a symbol commonly used to represent energy.

As the products sat in a busy market place, against some well-established household names it was important that I used eye catching imagery and strong, bold titles to distract the audience.

A number of concepts were created for branding the products and for the launch of the website.

The drinks range also required new labelling for 250ml and 500ml cans and 500ml bottles. These were created using the can manufacturer’s templates with product details and ingredients. Other design elements included icon graphics for ‘Vegan’ and ‘No Taurine’ messages.

Colour guide and branding concepts

500ml Can label
Website homepage

Logo Design | Fast Track Carpets

The brief was to create a logo that stood out in the industry and integrated the carpet and delivery theme of the business.

After a series of concepts the client was happy with the completed logo and further branding opportunities could follow once the website is fully functional.

Logo design | A place to be me – A social enterprise initiative

This design job was one that we all hope we can engage with, and help those in more need than ourselves. It was to create a logo and identity that would resonate with 11 to 16 year olds who may suffer anxiety or stress from being different to the mainstream – This initiative was to give them a place to communicate and feel as if they belonged – a place to be me.

The colours and fonts used were specifically calming and informal to suit the desired audience.

The ‘A’ ident of the triangle was to represent a safe place. And with the addition of the hand written smiley face, this represented a friendly sign-off as you may do at the end of a message.

Final logo and ident

The full range of logo concepts as white on black

Sub-brand variation of the main logo for a slightly older 16 to 18 year peer group

Branding | Relish Café

Client: Bec – Relish Café – logo and menu rebranding
I was tasked with creating a new identity for the Relish Café in Barking Town Centre.

The brief was to give it more of a contemporary style, moving away from the bright colours of the original.

The refurbishment of the café included wooden tables and chairs and an ‘Industrial’ feel to the decor. The logo should represent this change and be more modern and grown up, to cater for the growing evening trade.

The logo was also required to include a knife and fork icon which could stand alone as a design element for the brand. The logo would be applied across signage, menus, advertising and social media.

Relish (relish – verb)
1. to like or enjoy something
2. If you relish the idea or thought of something, you feel pleasure that it is going to happen.

After several concept stages the logo was chosen with a colour palette that included a light olive and copper theme. The font of choice was Teko, a contemporary typeface with square proportions and a structure that appears visually simple. The overall design complemented the internal refurbishment of the café with the use of olive greens, copper and iron furniture. 

Branding | Barking & Dagenham Council

Branding overview
This overview of projects for the council was undertaken as the preliminary work to a large rebranding exercise. The following examples include thumbnails of work produced over the last few years on such projects as logo design, Summer of festivals, Beam Energy company, corporate documents, infographics, display stands and merchandise.

Hoarding design | Be First

Be First – Development and Regeneration site hoardings
Working with Be First and the Local Authority to design hoardings across numerous sites in Barking & Dagenham.

Projects involve client liaison to provide bespoke artwork for each site. The branding developed was based around a ‘heart of Barking/Dagenham’ logo and varying strap lines based around the affordability of new homes.

With various sites across the borough the artwork role out will run from 2019 to 2020 with more sites becoming available in the future.

Brand and marketing | LBBD

Branding of new lottery service
Barking and Dagenham council required a logo design and brand for the launch of it’s new weekly online lottery. Created to support local causes in Barking and Dagenham it was aimed at residents and the wider public.

The logo needed to be recognisable as a lottery draw with bold colour and elements. Chosen from my original concepts the final version included icons representing the draw balls which could be used as elements across other branding materials. I then designed artwork for a pull up banner and web graphics for the new website.

The job involves ongoing maintenance to the website graphics.

Logo Design | Various clients

Logo designs
Below is a number of logos that have been created for clients in a freelance or in-house capacity. Most of the logos have been sketched out and then created in CC Illustrator.

Digital and print marketing | LBBD

Social Care Superheroes
This project for social care recruitment within LBBD included creating artwork and video to raise awareness of the vacancies.
The message used imagery of kids dressed as super heroes to imply social workers had ‘Superpowers’ when it came to their work with children. Pull up banners were produced for events and a digital campaign was rolled out across social media which included video and facebook and twitter posts.

The campaign led to the successful recruitment of all posts.

Branding | filmlbbd

Film lbbd brand development
I was tasked with developing a brand for the newly formed Film Barking and Dagenham trading service. The brief was to create a fresh, modern yet simple brand identity that would give the service a presence in the film location industry.

The design concepts for the logo were carried out under briefings with the management and took on the shape of the title name ‘filmlbbd’ in a modern monoline geometric sans serif typeface along with a strapline and a recognisable icon. The latter was designed as the universal icon for ‘play’ that could be used as a design element throughout any branding or advertising.

The colouring was settled on as turquoise and black which complemented each other and gave a nod to the service’s location in the borough of Barking and Dagenham alongside the River Thames.

The logo was signed off on and a style guide was created for the brand identity.


Marketing | Nightingale Primary School

Nightingale Primary School
The Business Manager at the school had worked with me before and was happy to use me for their marketing materials. The brief was to design two newsletter templates that needed to be clear and informative, two pull up banners and a 2pp leaflet for staff recruitment.

The work was required with a short turnaround and was completed on time and to budget.


Review document | LBBD

Review document – Local Plan
The council required a suite of materials to publicise their Local Plan for the borough which included regeneration, schools and roads.

The suite included an A4 review brochure, questionnaire, business card, posters and badges. Campaign ran from late 2015 to early 2016.

E-Shot | LBBD

E-shot campaign
Creative design and layout of a new e-shot newsletter for the council using the MailChimp platform. The e-shot was broken up into 5 areas – news, health, youth, events and jobs with concise stories in each section including text, imagery and click throughs. A mixture of graphics and coding was used in the design with the final issue sent out fortnightly to 60,000+ residents and subscribers. An advertising campaign across street poster sites throughout the borough was also implemented.

Advertising | Mesh

Brand advertising
Client required updated advertising from a design that I had done way back in 2001. The original ad consisted of ‘Shooting awards’ coming out of a PC box to suggest every Mesh PC was of an award winning standard. The new ad was to take on the same message but to update the imagery and awards for the present day.

I used an image of a slightly older model to take into account of the changing demographic of the market and updated other features like the box and logo.

The ad was signed off and ran in PC magazines like Micro Mart and Computer Shopper in early to mid 2016.


Event | LBBD

Event marketing
One of several events for the council in the 50th anniversary year was the Barking Folk Festival.
The design of a logo and marketing materials to promote the event were required. The event was hosted over several sites which is where the idea of a sign post graphic was drawn from. The logo was made up of silhouettes that represented historic elements from the borough like the wharf and fishing traditions. Materials included posters, leaflets, pull up banners, web banners and badges.