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Film lbbd brand development
I was tasked with developing a brand for the newly formed Film Barking and Dagenham trading service. The brief was to create a fresh, modern yet simple brand identity that would give the service a presence in the film location industry.

The design concepts for the logo were carried out under briefings with the management and took on the shape of the title name ‘filmlbbd’ in a modern monoline geometric sans serif typeface along with a strapline and a recognisable icon. The latter was designed as the universal icon for ‘play’ that could be used as a design element throughout any branding or advertising.

The colouring was settled on as turquoise and black which complemented each other and gave a nod to the service’s location in the borough of Barking and Dagenham alongside the River Thames.

The logo was signed off on and a style guide was created for the brand identity.