Branding | Relish Café

Client: Bec – Relish Café – logo and menu rebranding
I was tasked with creating a new identity for the Relish Café in Barking Town Centre.

The brief was to give it more of a contemporary style, moving away from the bright colours of the original.

The refurbishment of the café included wooden tables and chairs and an ‘Industrial’ feel to the decor. The logo should represent this change and be more modern and grown up, to cater for the growing evening trade.

The logo was also required to include a knife and fork icon which could stand alone as a design element for the brand. The logo would be applied across signage, menus, advertising and social media.

Relish (relish – verb)
1. to like or enjoy something
2. If you relish the idea or thought of something, you feel pleasure that it is going to happen.

After several concept stages the logo was chosen with a colour palette that included a light olive and copper theme. The font of choice was Teko, a contemporary typeface with square proportions and a structure that appears visually simple. The overall design complemented the internal refurbishment of the café with the use of olive greens, copper and iron furniture.